Our Gourmet Snack Beginnings…

I’m Nektarios , the founding partner of Enerchia Premium Baked Snacks. I started Enerchia* after realizing how often times the snack bars offered on the market were lacking the level of taste, texture, and ingredients. I said to myself…. Is this what I want to eat!!! let alone give to my sons. Everything was either loaded with artificial sugars, alchols fillers, powders or a “log” of foodstuff that left much to be desired. That feeling inspired me to create  bars that I wanted to eat!! and give to my friends, and most imporantly what I wanted to feed my own children and Family.

I began selling Enerchia* to local cafes, Grocery markets, and gyms. People loved them and wanted more, but I could only do so much on my own. While my capacity was limited, my dreams were bigger. I knew that other people wanted something more in their snacks so Enerchia* was Born. But, I couldn’t do it alone.
Then one fateful day, I received a phone call from Tommy who played a hand in running successful health spa’s in Beverly Hills and a 20 year veteran in the customer service industry and not to mention great taste buds (of course I’ll say that), Tommy purchased a bar at the suggestion of his Cousin Maria, after one bite he decided to give me a call. From our first conversation, we knew that we were on the same path. understanding that we were both tired of the poor quality of health bars that were flooding the open market. Our first meeting was a whirlwind of ideas, flavor combinations, and future products that could barely be contained within a lifetime, let alone a lunch meeting. The rest is Enerchia Granola History.

Why do we do this? We do this out of ”LOVE”  love for are parents, children and for people whom we know and don’t know, who are sincere in changing the way they eat. We are entrepreneurs, but we are also human beings who care about the quality of foods that we give to our brothers and sisters and to all people whom we come in contact with, or whom have never known us. We believe that everyone deserves honest, real, nutritious, and delicious food.  This is baked in our philosophy and in everything that we create at Enerchia, we keep in mind that these are valued nutritional superfood ingredients that we are feeding your bodies, your children, and family. Enerchia creates only what we feel comfortable feeding our own kids.

We hope that you’ll enjoy our Enerchia Premium Snack Bars and Granola Cookies.  They are blends of the wholesome superfood  ingredients that have always made us happy and we hope they’ll do the same for you.
Let’s Bake healthy together!

Nektarios And Tommy.